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Thursday, January 1, 2015

And a happy New Year to you.

Well, it's officially 2015.  We're in the midst of a new beginning, in a time to refocus our goals and our life, and of course to make resolutions.  Do you make resolutions?  My family is very serious about them.  For years we've all made very specific resolutions (usually giving up food items like ice cream or red meat).  And if we managed to go the whole year sticking to our resolution, my grandmother would give us $100.  This year I've made a couple resolutions in relationship to food, but they have less to do with what I eat and more to do with the way I eat.  So here they are, my resolutions for 2015:

  • I will not get take out or delivery for myself (I'm allowed to eat takeout that someone else is providing because how rude would that be).
  • I will not eat outside of meals.
  • I will eat fish at least once a week.
I think the one that will prove to be most difficult will be not eating outside of meals, because it's just so automatic.   Americans are a snacking people, and I am not immune.  Although I don't usually snack throughout the day,  after dinner is a demon that I will vanquish.
But on that note, is anyone out there going to wrestle some pretty fiendish resolutions of their own?  Let me know.

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