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Monday, December 29, 2014

I have a 'Pinkprint' on my heart.

Nicki Minaj is queen, I am her subject, and on December 15th she issued a decree.   After a year dominated by Iggy Azalea getting 'Fancy', Nicki shifts the spotlight back where it belongs with her new album 'The Pinkprint'.   Her single 'Anaconda' is reminiscent of the more pop friendly eccentric Nicki we all know and love, with a video that had me very curious as to how she can move her ass like that.  But what I really love about this album is songs like 'I Lied', 'Bed of Lies', and 'The Crying Game': songs that make you feel something.  No offense to Iggy, she's got a great voice for rapping, but songs like 'New Bitch' and 'Fuck Love' are great to run to, but they don't connect with me as a listener.   Nicki raps as easily as she breathes.  She makes it look so easy, and frankly she makes Iggy Azalea look like a novice.  
'The Pinkprint' is graced with features from Beyonce, Ariana Grande, Jeremih, and of course Drake and Lil' Wayne among others.  'Truffle Butter' which features Drake and Lil' Wayne has a simply unbelievably smooth sound, and Lil' Wayne's verse on 'Only', for lack of a better word, SLAYS. Their performances do their job perfectly, which is to highlight Nicki's talent.  

Long story short, buy the album because it's glorious.

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