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Friday, December 5, 2014

The Theory of Everything is everything.

I saw The Theory of Everything this week, and don't even know how to describe my response to it.  Everything about it was breathtaking.  It had stunning visuals that are typical of Focus Features, but the performances of the cast were UNBELIEVABLE (I caps-locked to convey the gravity).  Eddie Redmayne and Felicity Jones spoke volumes with little dialogue, and had me laughing and crying at numerous points throughout their performances.

Eddie didn't appear to be playing a role at all, rather he became Hawking and told his story with unbelievable grace and the complexity that it deserves.  Felicity was flawless.  She showed the world a real woman, rather than a saint, who was Hawking's partner not caregiver.

Needless to say, I highly highly recommend you see this film, and to bring everyone you've ever met to the theater with you.

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  1. I am DYING to see this. So excited!! Also, obviously still catfishing you