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Saturday, December 20, 2014

Coffee in the morning with Miguel.

If you don't follow Miguel's social media (or if your best friend isn't a connoisseur of hip-hop like mine is), then you may not know that Miguel released three new tracks on his Souncloud account yesterday.  Do yourself a favor, and head over there for a listen.  The gent that released favorites of mine such as "Use Me" and "Girl With The Tattoo" has done it again.  The tracks feature his unbelievable vocals, and are punctuated by well placed electric guitar work.  I have been especially loving "coffee", which was on repeat for the better part of the evening last night.
I highly recommend you take a listen, but let me just say that if you don't enjoy music of an "explicit" nature, then Miguel may not be your cup of tea, though he certainly is mine.

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