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Friday, December 19, 2014

Friends who brunch together, stay together.

I moved!!  Yes, after four long years living in "Happy Valley", I've finally made it back to the east coast.  I have been so lucky during my time in Utah to have found some incredible life long friends. And because I am absolutely terrible with goodbyes, we decided to go about it in the comfort of my favorite restaurant: Communal.    
Simply put, Communal is bliss.  The restaurant encourages farm to table practices as well as family style dining.  It is quite pricey for a young adult's budget, but is worth every penny.  I have been for dinner a number of times, but due to my work schedule had never been able to go to Saturday brunch.  In order to satisfy this ambition, I arranged for my last day at the bakery to be this past Friday and informed my friends that brunch would be happening the following morning.  
I could not have wished for a better final get together.  We were seated in a secluded alcove with an enormous table for the four of us; our waiter was an awkwardly familiar face, and the food was divine.   Saying hello to a mimosa and heavenly pancetta hash made saying goodbye to these girls so much easier, and I wouldn't have had it any other way.

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